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50 Years of Excellence in Electrical and Building Technology, Delivering Quality Solutions Globally with Expert Precision.

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since 1970since 1970

About Eltec GroupWe work for you since 1970

Helmuth Penz, the founder of ELTEC, established the company in 1970 and transformed it into a globally recognized business. With a focus on international activities, ELTEC expanded its presence in Germany, Europe, Arabian and African countries, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. In 1990, Helmuth Penz played a pioneering role in East Germany’s electrical systems engineering post-German reunification.

Today, ELTEC’s main focus is on international operations, with subsidiary companies like BEH ELTEC Polska in eastern Europe and group companies in Germany. Additionally, ELTEC has a 50% stake in BCS Building Control Systems, based in Warsaw, Poland.


“Empowering a connected world through innovative electrical solutions.”

Founded in 1970 by Helmuth Penz in Berlin, Germany, ELTEC has evolved from a local startup into a global leader in electrical systems engineering. With diverse projects spanning infrastructure, manufacturing, commercial spaces, and transportation, we’ve expanded into challenging industries like marine and oil & gas.

Our distinguishing factors include an unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our dedicated team consistently exceeds client expectations, fostering long-term trust and collaboration.

Join us in our mission to innovate and deliver reliable solutions that power a connected world. Together, we’re forging a brighter, more sustainable future.

About Eltec GroupWe work for you since 1970

ELTEC powers seamless solutions worldwide. Specializing in electrical systems, building automation, and cutting-edge technologies, we bring tailor-made expertise to diverse projects. From constructing data centers to modernizing offices and implementing renewable energy systems, ELTEC is your trusted partner for competence and reliability. Energize your vision with ELTEC’s commitment to excellence.

Electricity is crucial for functionality, powering from basic needs to advanced solutions. ELTEC offers global, customized solutions, focusing on electrical systems and building automation, integrating technology, energy management, and security systems.We rely on cutting-edge technologies and skilled staff. ELTEC, known for competence and reliability, handles  various projects including new

 shopping/data centers, office/hotel/hospital modernization, power substations, airport management, and large-scale renewable energy systems. Our goal is excellence in diverse worldwide projects.

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